Field of study: Cosmology
Description: In this line of research, we address the problems of dark matter and dark energy investigating modified gravitation models, models with noncanonical scalar fields, backreaction models, dark sector interaction models and unified dark matter models. We look for typical signatures for each class of these models and we try to rule them out on the basis of current and future observational data. It is hoped to obtain more robust evidence on the nature of dark matter and energy. The tests of theoretical cosmological models using the different available observational data include CMB, large-scale correlation of structures, weak lenses and correlations between these observables. Analysis of modified theories of gravitation contemplates Horndenski's gravitation, the non-conservative theory of Rastall and models of gravitation with twist and Weyl. In this line of research we also deal with the cosmological Inflation of its observational signatures in CMB. In particular, we investigate extensions of the Starobinsky model and Linde's alpha-Attractors. In addition to inflation models, we are also interested in scenarios in which there is no singularity (Big Bang) but a bouncing universe. In this case we focus on the predictions about the scalar and tensorial spectra and their marks on the cosmic background radiation.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
EACG Studies in Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation 01/05/2020 60
The nature of dark energy and matter inhomogeneities 01/08/2018 24
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