Galactic and extragalactic astrophysics

Field of study: Astrophysics
Description: In this line of research we approach the study of the evidence of the presence of dark matter in galaxies, using as main observable the rotation curves. We investigated the small-scale agglomeration properties of dark matter and the relative small-scale anomalies, such as the cusp/core problem, the problem of missing satellites, and the problem "too big to fail". From the theoretical point of view, we study modified gravitation models such as MOND, TeVeS and conforming gravity. In extra-galactic scales, we investigate the dynamics of galaxies in clusters of galaxies and the role developed by dark matter. We analyze the evidence for the existence of dark matter, and the influence of dark energy on the virialized cosmic structures. We have also developed numerical and semi-analytical simulations for the formation of cosmic structures.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
C&A Cosmology and Astrophysics 18/05/2019 48
DMG Dark matter and galaxies observational data 18/05/2019 40
RGE General relativity and its extensions: astrophysical and cosmological effects 11/05/2017 36
Relativistic Astrophysics of Compact Objects 01/06/2022 60
CG 12/05/2014 75
MACP 14/02/2014 24
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